AKCANLAR TEKSTIL A.S. continues its activities since 1995 at four different plants, 2 Open End Vortex yarn manufacturing and Two yarn twisting plants, established on an area of 135.000 m² at Gaziantep 2nd and 5th Organized Industrial Zones, and is very happy to share its knowledge and experience with the sector. Ne: 36,000 tons of yarn is manufactured annually in weaving and tricot torsions from 4/1 to 50/1 Super open end 100% Cotton, Viscose, Bamboo and blends of these fibers. 35% of its production is exported to countries such as America, Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain and Pakistan.

With modern manufacturing plants with state-of-the-art machinery and laboratory equipment as well as patented AVORTEKS, AKSOFTNESS and AKCARDE brand yarns, it has become the main supplier of world brands of all towel and woven fabric manufacturers by gaining both their confidence and appreciation.It is also a leading yarn manufacturer expert in its activity. Renewing itself continuously with its R&D and P&D studies, it has a prestigious position in the sector by following technological developments closely, by constantly offering new, economical, ergonomic and advantageous products to its business partners.