En Yakıt

Providing service with 33 years of experience and a wide service network in the fuel sector, EN YAKIT A.Ş. to progress towards becoming a leader in the market; We know that it is necessary to provide fast, transparent and high quality services to our customers, which we include and supply to our system.

For this purpose , EN YAKIT A.Ş within AKCAN HOLDING ; The new generation EN FUEL for the first time in Turkey by creating a "Cost Advantage, Customer Satisfaction Oriented and Reliable" application based on the experience we have in the fuel sector, determination and the needs of our sector, with the best expert sales staff and the best quality service understanding in Turkey. installed the mobile application.

The EN FUEL mobile phone application, which we call Turkey's new generation energy supplier, enables your fleet to supply energy with a fast, secure and easily controllable system and to pay with an optional credit card identification infrastructure.

The success story of ENYAKIT started in September 2019 in Gaziantep. AKCANLAR started to work by coordinating the board of directors and sales teams together and after sharing tasks, starting with the logic of always being by the customer's side and combining today's technology infrastructure. Then the name ENYAKIT was born. Deciding on the name of EN FUEL, which is formed by combining the word EN, which means completely, with FUEL, the keyword of our thirty years of experience, by going down to all the details, considering all the possibilities, and holding the first introductory meeting in an exciting atmosphere in Adana in January 2020. started his journey.

ENYAKIT application, which started to meet with its customers in May 2020 as a result of fast work, reached thousands of customers in a short period of five months after the ENYAKIT name registration certificate received in September 2020. In 2021, upon the expectations of our customers and the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem day by day, we established Turkey's first new generation energy supply application by using en-ix technology for our ENYAKIT application. ENYAKIT, which develops itself to be more quality and sustainable with its powerful infrastructure by rapidly evaluating both application usage and demands from its customers, continues to grow its customer portfolio throughout Turkey day by day.

In this direction, as ENYAKIT, we would like to share that our vision is "To be the first choice of the consumer with our service and product quality by using the developing technology in the sector we are in", and our mission is "to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to work non-stop to maintain our leadership in the sectors we are in".